YC single cylinder Motors

YC single cylinder Motors

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Product Description

YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for small size  machine tools and water pumps, especially for family workshops  where only single-phase power supply is available.  Motors of  this series are  integrated with up-to-date  design, manufacture with the  best quality materials, possess the features of pleasant-looking appearance and meet the IEC standard.
YC series motors are of IP44  totally  enclosed fan-cooling type, rated outputs is 3HP or below, capacitor starting  within  rated voltage and 50Hz, the starting torque is three times more than the rated torque and 60Hz is 2.75 times more. Motors for 4HP or over are of capacitor start and run type. They all concentrate the advantages of high starting torque, smooth running, low temperature rising, low noise and greater overload performance. The designation number  and nominative valves are all in conformity with IEC standards.
YCL series heavy-duty capacitor start and  run, single phase induction motor is suitable for driving small-size turning machine, especially for household  and workshop where only need single-phase power supply. This series motor is designed  with advanced technique and made of fine materials. It also has many good characteristics such as lower noise, lower temperature raising and starting current, higher starting torque, reliable operation, easy maintenance and pretty appearance, they all meet the relative rules of IEC standard.
YCL series motor is similar to YC series in appearance. Comparing with the same output  YC series motors, YCL series temperature raising reduce 8.74k on average, efficiency improve 4.21 percent, power factor raise 0.16.