3.5 tons Rear Dump Farm Trailer

3.5 tons Rear Dump Farm Trailer

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Brand Name︰WL

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

3 .5t rear dumping trailer : 2 wheels matched with 25-50hp tractor, inflation brake , dump selected . For

2wheels it adopts rear dump,It is used for half and

short distance  transportaion and operation in the field .

The form of turning: centreless turntable.

The form of damping: leaf spring

The form of traction: tripod stand traction(cusion spring)

Postpositive tailight  

Left and right barrier

Auto-circuitry of the whole trailer

The form of tipping: left or right tipping    Provide with fuel tank (double fuel tank)

The form of air path connection: connectted with spiral tube

The form of oil pipe: nipple

The form of circuitry path :Connectted with 7 core spiral cable swift connector

Surface treatment: derusting with large size shot blast machine, to change welding stress

Surface spray coating: antirusting paint, finishing paint .

The process of welding: carbon dioxide MIG welding.

The form of transportation: parts and components, flexible packing with the box plate

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