295,2100 Diesel engine

295,2100 Diesel engine

Model No.︰295, 2100

Brand Name︰Neutral , Wanlong,

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

295G Diesel Engine Technical Specifications:
1) 295D-2100D diesel engine 13.5KW-15kw 1500RMP
2) Vertical, Four stroke, Direct injection
4) 95(100)*115
5) 400kg

Model 295D 295G, T, L, Q, B, C 295K, Y 2100D 2100G, T, L, Q, B, C 2100K, Y
Type Vertical, Four stroke,
Number of cylinder 2
Bore× Stroke(mm) 95× 115 100× 115
Total displacement 1.630 1.806
Combustion system Swirl combustion chamber OR Direct injection
Compression ratio 20
Rated output(kw/r/min) 13.2/1500
17.6/2000 19.1/2200 14.7/1500
20/2000 22/2250
Idle speed(r/min) ≤ 600
Fuel consumption at rated otput(g/kw. h) ≤ 265.2 ≤ 263.8
Oil consumption(g/kw. h) ≤ 2.72
Lubrication method Conbination of Pressure and splashing
Starting method Electric
Cooling system water
Direction of rotation of crankshaft(view from flywheel end) Counter clockwise
Remarks Generating set Rice milling, Waterpump Agri-vehcle, Maring, Air compressor machine etc. Same as 295D Same as 295G, T, L, Q, B, C Same as 295K, Y


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